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Main » 2011 » February » 12 » TechnoScape Beta v3 Client
2:57 PM
TechnoScape Beta v3 Client

 Some stability fixes, made it so when you make a new account the stats aren't 1/120 and the heart flashes like it's having a heart attack. Download coming soon.
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9 tuogex  

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8 tuogex  

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7 bodxmeg  
It dm now, it's working :P

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6 tuogex  
What's the problem? Give me a screenshot.

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5 bodxmeg  
It weren't working on the 2.1v then we tried the newer one and it still had the same problem

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4 tuogex  
So does it work with the old client?

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3 bodxmeg  
Ermm, yeah techno, it doesn't load up. It's the same with gears. It says the server is up aswell ? I don't get it.

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2 gears  
awesome! when is it out??

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1 eric  

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